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Soldering Robot

Soldering Robot.
What is a robotic soldering solution?
A Soldering Robot is a fully automated system that performs a designated task set by a custom program with the utmost precision and repeatability. Each joint may have its own soldering profile.
What are the advantages?
Less Rework - Because Robots perform the exact same task, the exact same way, every time, rework is minimized.
Highly Efficient - Robotic work stations require a minimal amount of operator involvement. In most production settings, one operator can be responsible for loading and unloading two robots. One soldering expert can program multiple machines that eliminates the cost of advanced training to meet volume demands.
Versatility - Virtually no job is too large, or too small. Systems are capable of HMP and Lead-free soldering. There is also a wide range of hot iron tip sizes and shapes. Custom fixtures for any application are available.

Quick 911-20D Soldering Robot Tip 2.0mm Chisel

Quick 911-20D Soldering Robot Tip 2.0mm Chisel

Quick 911-20D Soldering Robot Tip 2.0mm ChiselFor Quick 9234, Quick 9434A = 2.0mmB = 0.8mm (Width)C ..


1 - 2 Weeks
Quick 9434 Soldering Robot

Quick 9434 Soldering Robot

Quick 9434 Soldering RobotThe QUICK 9434 Soldering Robot features a robust Hot Iron system with a su..


2 - 3 Weeks
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