Goot Soldering Equipment

Goot Soldering Equipment

Goot Soldering Equipment

Taiyo Electric have been manufacturing Soldering Equipment in Japan since 1965. The trademark Goot brand is very well known in Japan and is a leading manufacturer of soldering equipment in Japan. Taiyo Electric is the only in-house maker of soldering iron tips in Japan.
Goot is sold in over 60 countries worldwide and has over 110 employees. Goot products are used widely by major companies in Japan and world wide due to their high reliability and long life tips.
Taiyo is the expert in innovation, precision processing, and energy-saving methods, providing customers with top quality products.

Product Safety Certifications - TÜV Rheinland S Mark (Japan), S Mark (Argentina) Certification, Korea Electric Testing Institute EK Mark (Korea) Certification, Australia Certification, SAI GLOBAL

Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001:2008, JIS Q 9001:2008 Registration Number: 01 100 018499

Products Include:
  • Soldering Irons (40w-300w)
  • Soldering Stations (Lead & Lead-Free)
  • Solder Pots (Lead & Lead-Free)
  • Tip Thermometer
  • Portable Desolder Gun
  • Solder Reel Holders
  • Soldering Iron Stands
  • Hand Tools (Cutters, Pliers, Tweezers)
  • Desolder Wick
  • Desolder Pumps
  • Tip Cleaners & Refreshers

Soldering Tools

KX Series

40w Nichrome wire element

60w Nichrome wire element

100w Nichrome wire element

Replacement tips and elements stocked for both irons. Both feature flexible silicone power cable.

Goot KX Series

TQ Series

20/200w Gun type
Ceramic element

20/200w Pencil type
Ceramic element

Replacement tips and elements and spare parts stocked for both irons. Both feature flexible silicone power cable.

Goot TQ Series


CXR/HRC Series

80w equivalent Ceramic element

100w equivalent Ceramic element

80w equivalent Ceramic element

100w equivalent Ceramic element

Replacement tips and elements
stocked for all irons.

Goot CXR & HRC Series


Adjustable 25-125w. Butane gas powered. Piezo ignition.
Made in Ireland by Portosol.

Various replacement tips available.

Goot GP-501 Brochure

Goot GP-501 Gas Iron



60W heat capacity allows faster temperature recovery during heavy soldering, reducing the reaction time even at lower temperature settings. Temperature range: 200-480°C, Digital display, Comfortable ergonomic soldering iron handle. Antistatic model
Goot RX-711AS Soldering Station


72w Digital Station

6 seconds to set temperature.
Great solution for lead free soldering. Unique slide change tips, change tips even while hot.

Various replacement tips available.
Also spare handpieces, sponges, tip cleaners.

RX-802AS brochure

Goot RX-802AS Soldering Station


Solder Pots

Stainless Steel bath, suitable for lead solder. 36x36mm pot

Replacement elements and baths stocked. Both feature flexible silicone power cable.

Goot POT-21C Solder Pot


Cast Iron bath, suitable for leadfree.
34x32mm pot

Replacement elements and baths stocked. Both feature flexible silicone power cable.

Goot POT-28C Solder Pot

Desoldering Tools

TP-100 Portable Desolder Gun

Compact design with an internal motor, pump, and temperature-control circuit built into the grip. Removes through-hole solder easily. Sensor feedback system for temperature recovery and control.
  • Temperature range 250 - 450°C
  • 75w ceramic heater
  • Suction flow 11L/min
  • Weight 470gm
  • Includes 1.0mm tip, carry case
  • Spare filters and tips (0.8-1.5mm) available 
Goot TP-100 Desolder Gun

Desolder Pumps

GS-108 190mm length

GS-100 330mm length

GS-158 190mm length, antistatic

Replacement tips avaiable for all sizes

Goot Desolder Pumps

Desolder Wicks

CP-0815 0.8mm x 1.5m

CP-1515 1.5mm x 1.5m

CP-2015 2.0mm x 1.5m

CP-2515 2.5mm x 1.5m

CP-3015 3.0mm x 1.5m

Goot CP-2015 Desolder WickGoot CP-2515 Desolder Wick


CP-20B 2.0mm x 30m

CP-25B 2.5mm x 20m

Goot CP-20B Desolder WickGoot CP-25B Desolder Wick

Tip Cleaners & Stands


Heat resistant silicone rubber holder with brass wool for waterless tip cleaning.


Removes oxidisation from tips and recoats with tin and restores wetting capabilities.
Goot ST-40 Tip Cleaner Goot BS-2 Tip Cleaner

Solder Reel Holders

Heavy base for extra stability, guide to prevent solder tangling and carry handle.

RD-7312 Single solder reel holder - maximum 1kg reel

RD-7312 Solder Reel Holder


SA-10 PCB Tool Set

Convenient set of six tools for assembling or repairing PCBs. Tools approximately 180mm long.
Goot SA-10 PCB Tool Set
Goot SA-10 PCB Tool Set


YN-20 Goot Diagional Micro Nippers
Flat cutting edges that do not put any load on the body of the component. For cutting precision components, lead wires, etc. Maximum wire diameter 1.6mm. Size 140mm (5.5”). Made in Italy.
Goot YN-20 Cutters
YN-104 Goot Platform Nippers
Cuts wires 1.5 mm from the PCB surface. Maximum wire diameter 1.3mm. Size 140mm (5.5”). Made in Italy.
Goot YN-104 Cutters
YP-10 Goot Serrated Long Nose Pliers
Highly accurate long nose pliers. Tip 1.2mm square. Size 160mm (6.3”). Made in Italy.
Goot YP-10 Pliers


All Goot tweezers are anti-magnetic, anti-acid, non-corrosive stainless steel.
Goot Tweezers
Goot Tweezers

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